Rain by The Cult

Rain by The Cult

by The Cult

My copy of Rain by The Cult

My copy of
Rain by The Cult

Rain by the Cult completely passed me by during its first release in 1985.

It is probably fair to say that the current incarnation of “My Record Collection” is in fact an amalgamation of both my own and my wife Lorraine’s own collections accumulated over at least 30 years each of collecting records. This one falls squarely in Lorraine’s half of our total.

It also occupies a very special place in Lorraine’s heart as it is the song she had playing when she walked into our wedding reception to announce her arrival to our gathered family and friends.

I’m not making that up either as those that were present can bear witness!

I mean, it is a cracking rock tune without doubt but Lorraine has a special affinity with Rain by The Cult for a very specific reason. Lorraine thinks that the opening line of the chorus mentions her name. If you are familiar with the song you will know that the chorus belts out the line “Here Comes The Rain.”

In her mind, Lorraine hears “Here comes Lorraine!” So in she skipped to the wedding reception with this stomping musical backdrop.

I am more of a fan of “She Sells Sanctuary” by the Cult if I’m being honest as it is a more familiar song to me, but Lorraine is adamant that I write about and since she is standing over my shoulder I’d better comply.

Have a listen of the song below and pay particular attention to the chorus, substituting my wife’s name for the offending lyric for a laugh, and you’ll see what I mean! If you like the song have a look through the youtube profile of the poster who has taken the time to upload this video for some more tunes you may enjoy.

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