I Touch Myself by Divinyls

I Touch Myself by Divinyls

I Touch Myself
by Divinyls

My copy of I Touch Myself by Divinyls

My copy of
I Touch Myself
by Divinyls

I bought my copy of I Touch Myself by Divinyls without realising the subject matter.

Yes, really.

It has THAT title and it didn’t raise any flags in my tiny little mind that the lyrical content might be a little bit……”saucy”! It was only a couple of years later, probably reading a newspaper article in a newspaper like the Daily Mail about the corruption of our “yoof” by the entertainment industry and it’s corrosive capabilities on our children. I honestly had no clue!

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Even now, looking back at the 7” picture cover of the sort of side view of a young lady laid on her side, her curves suggestively wrapped in a sort of mesh dress with he barely covered curved bottom looking like a large gouda cheese having been tenderly cut in half by a cheese wire it’s (not so) subtle subject matter eluded me.

I remember the song was briefly featured in the first Austin Powers film, “International Man Of Mystery” during Austin’s dance with the evil fembots. How could any woman, robot or otherwise resist Mike Myers replete with overgrown chest wig and union jack pants. I have tried a similar look to the same soundtrack with my good lady wife, and I am generally met with a derisory laugh followed by some raised eyebrows.

I think the final spoken verse sums this song up the best if anyone has any lingering doubts about the song. I have found the lyrics on an internet and I have copied them for you below.

“I want you
I don’t want anybody else,
And when i think about you I touch myself,
OO OO OO-OO Ahhhhh”


Have a listen of the song by watching the video below, and if you like it you can visit the youtube profile of the poster where you may well find other songs you like.

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